Rock Icon: AC/DC’s Brian Johnson – Sky Arts, Saturday, 8pm.

from AC/DC to the Black Keys

from AC/DC to the Black Keys

At 26, my husband Peter scouted AC/DC for management. His first record with the band was “Highway to Hell.” He identified Bon Scott’s body in the morgue when he was found dead in his car, and he was there when Brian Johnson joined the band and took them to a wholly new level with “Back in Black.”

Sadly they fired him right after that. But as AC/DC went on to global superstardom, Peter and his partner Cliff thrived as managers. His firm Q Prime now manages, amongst others, the Black Keys.

It meant a lot to me to wear this t-shirt as we filmed this documentary. As a huge rock fan I’m incredibly proud of my husband. “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll” – except if you’re Peter Mensch, in which case it’s a bloody short way to the top and he’s never come down off the heights.

Before this documentary, Peter and Brian hadn’t spoken in over twenty years. Nervous? You bet I was.

Tune in to find out what happened on Sky Arts, this Saturday, 8pm.

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