Asian Grooming Gangs – where are all the other men?


don sutherland1In my Sun column yesterday I wrote in praise of Judge Peter Rook QC, a hero to women and children; a brave judge who ripped up the repellently low sentencing guidelines set by the Sentencing Council and threw them out.

Any serious advocate for sentences which reflect the real harm child abuse and gang rape does should read his sentencing remarks. I warn you now that they are unsparing in terms of detail on what was done to the victims, including when they were 12 and 13 years old.

It takes a lot of guts for a judge to tear up the loathsomely small penalties that the Sentencing Council think should be paid for gang rape of children. Be in no doubt that there is tremendous pressure on judges to pass light sentences, because jail capacity is full to overflowing. (the political answer is twofold – to remove custodial sentences where they are not necessary and to build more prisons. This is a capital infrastructure project that Osborne could usefully spend on; it provides a great many jobs, it means humane modern prison conditions, and it reassures the public who are crying out at timid sentencing).

His Honour Peter Rook QC had the necessary guts. He jailed these inhuman beasts for life, with minimum terms of 20 and 17 years etc. At the end of the blog I will excerpt the legalese with which he did true justice from the bench – the first time I can ever remember that gang rape received an appropriate sentence. God bless this judge; he has struck a blow against rape and child rape and torture that Parliament did not want and the judicial establishment did not want.

But let’s turn away from the brave determination of the man on the bench and on to the shabby cowardice of local police, local social services, and Oxfordshire county council.

We know how these children were ignored. WARNING – I am about to quote from the sentencing remarks of Judge Peter Rook to ask this question:

Why are only seven men in court? Why do the police, and Oxfordshire social services and council, not hunt down the hundreds of men who raped these little girls? Why have the phones and computers not been seized, why are the phone bills not being handed over by the mobile phone providers and pored over by analysts and detectives? WHERE ARE THE OTHER RAPISTS?

If we say “we jailed the ringleaders, job done” are we saying it is OK for a rapist of a twelve year old to walk away? It’s OK to receive a video of a little girl being gang-raped, get in your car and drive hundreds of miles to rape her yourself?


Saying “you let these little girls down” doesn’t being to cover it. You essentially colluded in their rape, trafficking and torture.

Let us look at the judge’s remarks on the other rapists:

“From the time when EF was 13 you started selling her to other men for sex. To use her words this happened “loads of times” over the next few years. Sometimes you would take photos presumably to entice further customers. Clearly it was a commercial operation. You would actually ask customers whether they were satisfied.”

Photos of a 13 year old girl. These photos were emailed, were texted. The men had phones and computers. WHY ARE THE RECIPIENTS NOT BEING HUNTED DOWN?

“There came at time before she (GH) was 13 that both of you Mohammed and Bassam Karrar started to bring strangers to have sex with her…many times…she had to endure depraved sexual demands…you, Mohammed, made videos…”


“Sometimes there were three or four men…Sometimes as many as nine or ten. GH thought that Bassam was taking lots of phone calls in relation to the Wycombe trips”


Two men were convicted at the same time as the five ringleaders who were jailed for life; just two. The names of the pigs are Assad Hussein and Zeeshan Ahmed. For their sexual offences against the victims they were jailed for seven years apiece.

Not one of the men who raped the children in High Wycombe. Paddington Station, Shotover Woods, etc, who paid money to torture and rape them, has been arrested.

No social worker has been sacked. The chief constable refuses to resign. So does the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council.

Where are the rapists? Where are the “customers”? Where is justice? WHEN WILL THE SYSTEM SAY EVERY RAPE COUNTS?


  1. Anonymous · July 1, 2013

    I would hope and presume that the police are working on it.

  2. louisemensch · July 1, 2013

    I would hope so too. Unfortunately I would not in the least presume it. There is no evidence customers of these gangs are ever prosecuted, whether in Oxford, Rochdale or whereever.

    • Richard Evans · July 9, 2013

      Ask yourself why, then look at those really guilty, in the HOC and Lords

  3. Louise, you are right. A very powerful argument. And the judge’s summing up is deeply disquieting. But why don’t you call the police forces directly and ask them what they are doing? They have press offices. They should be forced to answer.

  4. Daffy, Witney Oxon · July 1, 2013

    What about the BNP/EDL groomers? Those who groomed children for the likes of Savile etc?

  5. Mike Ross (@eruptionchaser) · July 2, 2013

    One might ask the same question with respect to Steubenville. That was filmed. Now the person who did the filming cut a deal; immunity in exchange for testimony – not sure that’s in my comfort zone but, whatever. But that video was allegedly distributed; there’s scope for some arbitrary number of charges for creating, possessing and distributing child sex abuse images there. Where are those charges?

    I think you’re right Louise; there IS a tendency for police sometimes to fail to follow through. Contrast and compare with Operation Ore, where they were relentless in pursuing many innocent men – and there’s still a reckoning to be held with respect to that!

  6. Richard Evans · July 9, 2013

    Yet again another “journalist” with no idea of the facts.

    You’ve no idea what cases are in the pipeline.
    You’ve no idea what investigations are taking place.
    You’ve no idea which phone bills are being checked

    As for the chief constable and social services, I wonder if the local MPs “had a word” in order to stop investigation, in my experience that would not be unusual

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