Bradford West’s Unsafe Election: “Gallowayist” Smears Naz Shah

It was announced today that the police are investigating the smear campaign against Naz Shah in Bradford.

Mr. Galloway has continued to smear the personal character of his Labour opponent, Naz Shah, during an election period, for the purposes of influencing an election – directly and on the record.

He stated of her falsely on Twitter:

GG evidence interesting link J

Indeed, the judges said no such thing, as my previous article explains. They said if her mother’s evidence, which they did not accept, was true, Ms. Shah must have been lying.

Mr. Galloway also falsely smeared Naz Shah’s character in yet more intemperate terms on his party website:

 “A jury in the original trial where her mother was convicted on four counts – fraud, soliciting murder, attempted murder and murder – not only unanimously decided her mother was guilty but concluded Naz Shah’s evidence was a tissue of lies, as did the appeal court,”

Lawyers have confirmed to me that juries do not rule on the credibility of witness evidence during criminal trials, nor did they in 1993, still less do they call it “a tissue of lies”; nor did the appeal court.

But Mr. Galloway does not stop at the merely demonstrably false accusation of fact, he goes all-in on Ms. Shah’s character:

Galloway continued: “I deeply regret that Labour has continued to drag this sordid tale and this disreputable candidate and her story across Bradford West voters. There is much more but I have no wish to delve further into the sewer.

Yes, that is correct, that is Mr. Galloway calling the life of Ms. Shah “sordid”, calling her “disreputable” and calling her life “a sewer.”

This next piece of evidence comes from Mr. Galloway’s YouTube channel via @Gallowayism, the uploader, of whom more shortly. It is a longer video of the start of the hustings. Galloway’s speech can be found by sliding the cursor to 12:51, if you have a strong stomach. Here is the relevant transcript:

Galloway: You were a big loser then, and the kind of way that you have embarked upon this campaign has already ensured you’re going to be a big loser again. You have only a passing acquaintance with the truth. You claimed, and gullible journalists believed you, that you were subject to a forced marriage at the age of 15. But you were not 15. You were sixteen and a half. I have your Nikkah [cheers] – I have your Nikkah in my pocket [more cheers as Mr. Galloway takes it out and waves it in the air] – in my pocket [cheers, hooting]. You told that story –

Moderator: Mr. Galloway – [she rebukes him then adds] can we now move on to issues please.

Galloway: You allowed – you allowed three personal attacks on me by my New Labour opponent.

Moderator: Mr. Galloway – I was going to come back to that

Galloway: I’m making –

Moderator: – Can I please ask the emotions to just come down for a while, and I think, Mr. Galloway will you continue please.

Galloway: I will continue. No-one will ever stop me from speaking. [cheers, hoots]. The issue is that my opponent is a liar. She lied about me, she lied about her age, she slandered this community for her own selfish ends. She played into every stereotype – every stereotype –

Moderator and Galloway argue about winding it up

Galloway: I have set politics alight in Bradford [continues to praise himself til end of speech].

In my previous article I suggested that Mr. Galloway had called Ms. Shah a racist on Twitter, and then second-hand by re-tweeting the comments of Respect Party Secretary Ron MacKay in Urban Echo: I did not then notice that he had done so directly at the hustings as well, leveling two character charges that not only did she lie about being raped but that she was being a racist for personal gain.

I gather from reports on the ground that the Respect campaigners are, at this point, getting little support on the street. Of course, under the law, since it is Ms. Shah’s personal character that has been falsely smeared in an election period, no result on May 7th is safe unless she is elected*, as any other candidate would have indirectly benefited from the malicious defamation of her character. There is a danger that if Mr. Galloway loses on the night, that the criminal offence committed by every member of Respect who has falsely smeared Ms. Shah during an election period will be forgotten.

Adrian Longthorn

It must not be. What is normally mere libel becomes an offence during an election period when done in order to influence an election. Justice for Naz Shah and the electorate in Bradford West has wider consequences for women and womens’ rights in a parliamentary democracy.

The Independent’s report on the police investigation, however, contains this manifestly wrong paragraph: I am amazed that they printed it.

The website being investigated by police is not connected with Mr Galloway or Respect, and a spokesman for Mr Galloway said he was unaware of its contents.

Yes indeed, the smear site is intimately connected with the Respect Party. Respect Party members have tweeted it out on the record, and from accounts that are officially connected to Respect, like his YouTube Channel operator @Gallowayism, as well as from sock puppets that are well known to Mr. Galloway and Respect.

Gallowayism smearGallowayism tweets smear site J

Part Two: The Connections Between George Galloway and the Smear Campaign

My prior article examined how many sock puppet twitter accounts that were RTing the smear blog were also being RTed and followed by Mr. Galloway. This is interesting as many with whom he interacts on Twitter find themselves blocked for even minor criticism. But Mr. Galloway was willing to follow accounts whom he could see were smearing Ms. Shah.

The most recent of these, still live as of this writing, is @Gallowayism. As you can see, his follow list includes smear accounts @Nshahbrad and @bradfordrising as well as smear account @kiranknite who is actually the smearing real person @JassiSinger, the creator of @kiranknite, along with anti-semites @GiladAtzmon and @TippleJack. At the very bottom of his follow list is Galloway, meaning this was his first follow, and the list includes Ron McKay, the Respect Party, and Galloway’s election agent @MrAshUK.

In this tweet @Gallowayism thanks @MrAshUK for supplying him with the raw video of the hustings.In this he aims to get the smear site better tweeted out. On April 13, he RTs the smear account @nshahbrad with a live link to the smear site. Here I include only a screenshot, as I do not include live links to that site in any of my articles. He directly tweets out the smear site himself four times.

Nshahbrad gallowayism J

The seemingly innocuous tweet to Ali Arshad, @MrAshUK, is important, as it is a record that he is working with the man behind this account –  who is openly smearing Ms. Shah. I am told that Mr. Arshad is Mr. Galloway’s legal election agent but I cannot verify this as yet. It is however clear that he is official Respect.

Mr Ash  and Gallowayism J

I checked with the @Gallowayism account as to who he was, but made a typo, addressing my query to another account suspended for smearing Ms. Shah, @Gallowayist – the @Gallowayism / @Gallowayist account nonetheless replied to me. At first he tried a deflection but then admitted he was @Gallowayist.
Gallowayism = Gallowayist Mat J

The question then is – why are all of Respect’s senior officers, including the candidate and his agent, following and interacting with a misogynist who endlessly RTs the smear site against Ms. Shah?

Here, @Muqadaam, who runs the @TeamGeorgeG, takes a tweet of mine about Galloway himself and calls for help from @Gallowayism clearly stating – Louise Mensch is harassing US (wherein he includes @Gallowayism). It should be clear enough then that @Gallowayism is part of Mr. Galloway’s and Respect’s team, and as he regularly tweets out the smear site, it is false on its face to say that Respect has nothing to do with the smear site.

Senior members of Respect are tweeting the smear site out on a regular basis, including today.

Harassing US muqadaam J

In my prior blog I connected the dots between the smear accounts that had been tweeting out the attack on Ms. Shah. I was able to show that one account was renamed again and again, and used, variously, @ClarenceBeaks_, @bolitics2000, @newsdesk01, @evilsockpuppet1, @strawnmankiller, and @bfdwest2015.

bolitics smear

Sources inside Respect (I have several at this point) suggested to me that I investigate whether this user was a business partner of Mr. Galloway’s (and I mean partner as in works closely with), Jay Stewart.

NS smear fav electorate J

The @strawmankiller account was RTed, with a link to the smear blog, by a now-deleted account @Knowledgeboy75, which was previously @KnowledgeboyJay.

Galloway knowledgeboyjay J

Mr. Stewart posted under his own name as @JayStewart75 (now deleted), with profile quote “In your face, fuller!“. He has locked, but not yet deleted, his movie account @newpoltergeist.

JayStewart75 1 JOrgan harbesting Jay Stewart 18 J

Meanwhile, @Gallowayist/ism helpfully links us to his YouTube channel, in which he helpfully gives his past YouTube names as MegaChairmanMao and GeorgeGallowayForPM. The latter has amongst its channels Red Molucca, (which as an aside gives hilarious extra evidence of Mr. Stewart’s sock puppet obsession, as I said to the Respect lawyer @ericcartmanfat, he has more socks than Dobby the House-Elf. Among its “liked” videos is “George Galloway and Anti-Semitism” uploaded by the convincing “John Smith”).

Red Mulucca Molucca Jay Stewart j

Red Molucca was mostly careful about who they were but not, alas, careful enough. At the bottom of the videos is a “podcast playlist”. Here is the unintentionally hilarious first episode – do slide the  to 40 seconds in and enjoy to 56 seconds in as Mr. Galloway lights his cigar and stares soulfully at the camera in black and white. Mr. Galloway attacks the “lamestream media” [sic] and states very clearly “This channel, this Red Molucca – is the only official George Galloway channel.” In addition to the funky black and white TV stylings, the podcast credits (at 54:33) give us the name “Produced by Jay Stewart, Edited by Jay Stewart.” It also thanks Dead House Productions. Dead House Productions is hoping to make “The Enfield Poltergeist”, hence Mr. Stewart’s surviving @NewPoltergeist twitter account.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Respect are officially working with the Twitter user @Gallowayism formerly @Gallowayist and that it tweets out the smear site and related smear accounts now, while they follow and watch. There is no doubt that Respect and Mr. Galloway himself have knowingly RTed sock puppet accounts from the same user, well-known to them – and no doubt in my mind that this person is at the very least, closely connected to Mr. Jay Stewart. I have more evidence even than I am posting in this blog and which I can only supply to the police. It is time however to look at the officially used and assisted @Gallowayism account and You Tube Channel and stop denying the smear website had “nothing to do with Respect.” Journalists might wish to ask Mr. Galloway, as I did before publishing this story, if he knew all along the identity of the @bfdwest2015 et al sock puppet, and if that person is connected to Jay Stewart, and knowingly RTed him even as he followed his account and saw him tweeting out the illegal smears against Naz Shah.

As Mr. Stewart himself so poignantly says at the end of his thrilling cigar-smoking podcast with Mr. Galloway –

In your face jay stewart


In your face, corperate media!!!






* I report the above as a journalist. As a citizen, I note that of course everybody in Bradford West should vote, as despite violations of electoral law that can be seen from space, nothing in life is certain. Vote George Grant for Bradford West!


  1. Mike, Oldham · April 15, 2015

    Your blog proves nadda and just makes insinuations that you haven’t proven.
    All you’re doing (in rather an obsessive way) is aiming to censor people by constantly attacking them. It’s libelous and criminal, and the police ought to investigate.
    As countless people have commented in recent days, your longstanding obsession with hurling venom at George Galloway is unsavory and irrational.
    In just the last few days you must have made *a few hundred* tweets directly and indirectly attacking him and his supporters!
    You’re embarrassing yourself and regrettably showing yourself to be psychotic.
    I’m guessing your obsession with an election in Bradford West while you reside in a cushy pad thousands of miles away in New York is as a result of what you yourself describe as your very damaged mind: ‘Conservative MP Louise Mensch has admitted that taking Class A drugs left her with “long-term mental health” problems… “It’s caused me to be more anxious than I need to be”‘ Source:
    Ms Mensch, you desperately need to get a job rather than spending all day every day addicted to this issue. I know you’re a rich chick from an aristocratic background who has no need to earn money, therefore you can afford to be unemployed and not work, but, rather than tweeting and blogging all day about George Galloway and his supporters who you happen to hate because you’re a right wing Zionist and slightly unbalanced, perhaps you could do some charity work or something? It’ll be healthier for you.

    • Dair Allan · April 15, 2015

      Wow you really do hate dmocracy in the Galloway camp. This is citizen journalism, albeit by a well known individual. You on the other hand stand for an utterly disgusting misogynist who thinks rape is “fine” if the victim is 16. There’s your problem and there’s your disgrace.

      There are a lot of people throughout the UK watching this election and hoping that justice will prevail – and to us, justice means Galloway being sacked by the electorate and Naz Shah being elected.

    • Anonymous · April 15, 2015

      Right wing & Zionism is a complete misnomer. Real Zionism is a peaceful Socialist ideal you numpty. That’s why Galloway is what he is, an antisemite nothing more nothing less. He’s a fraud!

    • Mavis Trumps (@LibelThis) · April 16, 2015

      Wow Respect Party Trolls are so blatant and active especially when they first state ‘I’m not a supporter of Mr Galloway but a Conservative voter’ Yeah right Respect Troll. George Galloway is clearly running scared when these guys rebuffed your blog more or less the minute you upload it. It seems the Galloway camp are having little sleep, compared to those with decent, honest hearts who truly belief that a political campaign should be fought on the fields of ‘Policy’ and with mutual personal respect for one another. I’m not going to say who I support or of whom I did in the past. What I will say is that Mr Galloway’s eventual downfall is the sole consequence of Mr Galloway. So you trolls keep your comments coming, every one can identify the malevolent spirit of your comments, The ferociousness of such comments gives testimony that your machinations are apparent for all to see

    • Adrian Yalland · April 21, 2015

      How is this post libelous and criminal? Please state which criminal act Mensch is guilty of, and who and how she had defamed. Thank you.

  2. Carl · April 15, 2015

    I have just taken a detailed look at the court papers for the trial you refer to. They are available online. I’m not sure if you would allow me to link to them or not, so I won’t.

    The Judge calls Naz Shah and her mother extremely unreliable witnesses and not to be believed (Lord Justice Kennedy of The Court of Appeal: “a most unsatisfactory witness and her evidence to be not capable of belief” (R v Shah [1998]: 59).

    Nobody gets prison sentences totaling a massive nearly-40 YEARS after a six week long trial and then ALSO loses the appeal if they are a goodie-two-shoes!

    There is no smoke without fire and Naz Shah and her mother clearly have a very questionnable past. As others have commented, she has made a strategic mistake by constantly harping on about her past.

    I live in Bradford and recently received Naz Shah’s leaflet through my letterbox in which she once again highlights her past rather than policies. Politics ought to be about policies.

    I confess such tactics may work in sucking in some people who will side with anybody who bleats a victim’s story, but not with more rational elements who are willing to study the evidence.

    I’ve also looked at the ’10 Facts About Naz Shah’ website you refer to in your other blog post. I won’t link to it as I’ve noticed you’ve censored the links previously as you’re not willing to countenance any information that contradicts your polemic. It refers to the court papers and points out:

    “She was also found to have lied under oath in Her Majesty’s Court Case in front of Lord Justice Judge Kennedy and a jury of twelve, an act of perjury.”

    ‘Naz Shah’s beloved mother, Zoora Shah, was given very hefty sentences due to the seriousness of her premeditated crimes and her repeated, wilful attempts to circumvent justice.

    “On 21st December 1993 in the Crown Court, after a six week trial, Zoora Shah was convicted of four offences, namely forgery, soliciting to murder, attempted murder and murder, and received sentences of 7 years, 10 years, 12 years and life imprisonment – all sentences being ordered to be served concurrently” [extract from R v SHAH [1998] LTL AC8800193].’

    • louisemensch · April 16, 2015

      this is patent rubbish. The courts found nohing about Ms. Shah (Naz) at any point.

  3. Karen S. · April 15, 2015

    Well said Mike! This is all very unbecoming.
    I’m not a supporter of Mr Galloway but a Conservative voter. But I will say Mrs Mensch needs to get a life and stop smearing Galloway and his team as a full-time preoccupation. I follow her on Twitter and it’s getting tedious seeing her continually hurl vitriol and abuse at them dozens of times every day.
    This is the UK for God’s sake. Let’s have a fair election campaign please.

    • edtubrutus · April 15, 2015

      Everyone knows you are a gallowayite.

      Not one person in this country, in the entire UK believes rape is acceptable because the victom is 16 and not 15. Rape is rape, Galloway supports this with every utterance he has stated, years ago he decided to make his abhorrent views public.

      The beast is a beast, a deplorable excuse for a human being. Feel free to sue me, Mr Galloway. You will lose.

  4. John Spade · April 15, 2015

    You need to get a life. Perhaps you thought you were doing a service before, now you are excruciatingly boring. You are obsessed with the man to unhealthy proportions.

  5. Joe G · April 15, 2015

    Wow. Louise, please seek professional help. This obsessive behaviour is most concerning.

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  7. Hannah · April 16, 2015

    Look at all these Respect trolls! They’re properly shitting their pants! Hah!

  8. Mavis Trumps (@LibelThis) · April 16, 2015

    Let us play a game spot all the Respect Party Trolls on this comment page

  9. Well present information. Keep up your fight for justice. Galloway and Respect continue to behave in an appalling manner. No respect, no dignity, no morality.

  10. Enruggar · April 16, 2015

    Having read the “Smear website” I’m wondering which parts are NOT true? Can anyone on this thread “Troll or otherwise” please explain, out of these so called “10 truths you may not know about Naz Shah” which ones are being disputed. I will not provide the link to the site for obvious reasons.

  11. Pete · April 16, 2015

    Enruggar it’s all true. I can see that each and every point made there has been carefully proven and referenced.

    That’s why Ms. Mensch has got her knickers in a twist about it and, in absence of being able to counter it intellectually and with evidence as one should, she and her rag tag army are attacking it with slurs and insults. She wishes to censor it because she is so fuelled with hatred for Galloway and will do anything and everything to big up his rival Naz Shah and censor damning facts coming out about her.

  12. Doug · April 16, 2015

    I kept being tantalised by Louise and others references to the famous Naz Shah Facts website but couldn’t find it!! 🙂 It took it fair amount of digging, but I finally managed to track it down here: [edited – moderator] .
    It is an intriguing read.
    IMHO I can’t see anything wrong with it? Seems to a perfectly reasonable presentation of facts about a prospective parliamentary candidate who has gone out of her way to make her personal life the focus of her campaign in every interview she gives?
    One can be a passionate supporter of Naz Shah but it doesn’t mean having to freakishly crush other points of view does it? Everyone has the right to freedom of speech in this country and, just like Louise may have the right to have a go at Galloway as her 24/7 vocation, surely others have the right to disagree and present the opposite point of view?? That’s democracy surely.

    • Mavis Trumps (@LibelThis) · April 17, 2015

      A court no doubt will decide in a Libel suit will decide that. Oh and then there is the Parliamentary Election Court which of course if Galloway wins can remove his seat, give him a criminal record and bar him from voting and being a candidate for 3 years. Then can decide as well. Imagine all those wasted votes and all the smear hard work campaign for nothing. Then the obvious arrests, confiscations of Party and private computers ect. So first let us see what WYPolice decide as they are investigating George Galloway at this very moment.

      • louisemensch · April 17, 2015

        It’s more than libel – it’s a criminal offence in an election period.

      • Karen · April 20, 2015

        Mavis, as far as I can see the only criminal records in this situation are those in Naz Shah’s family. Please see the empirical evidence at [edited – moderator] .

        As that website demonstrates, 40+ years of prison sentences for multiple criminal offences, including murder and attempted murder, is as serious as it gets.

        But, of course, what very respected judges and juries decide about Naz Shah’s clan after six week long trials is of no interest whatsoever to you, as you are so fuelled with hatred and bitterness for who she is competing against. With such blind anger and no sense of balance, it’s no wonder your mighty army of followers on Twitter is but, errr…, 141 strong! You’ve made a bit success of your social media presence Madame. Mr Gallway has got 239,000 followers by comparison.

  13. Enruggar · April 16, 2015

    Quick take a screen shot mensch is smearing naz….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Tony · April 17, 2015


  15. Tony · April 17, 2015

    Even Naz shah is now blocking Louise, lol

    • Mavis Trumps (@LibelThis) · April 17, 2015

      Oh Tony Respect Party Troll. Why make up bollocks like that. Naz Shah has not and would not block Louise Mensch. She respects Louise Mensch is supporting George Grant Conservative. The more you Respect Party trolls keep commenting on this blog and trying vainly to poo poo it. The more decent sincere people with intelligence far beyond Respect Party Trolls will see Respect is scurrying in panic as they realize their endeavor to destroy Naz Shah’s personal character has backfired big time. I bet Galloway is screaming ‘Burn burn all the evidence, leave no traces’. TOO LATE!

    • louisemensch · April 17, 2015

      I’m following her; not blocked. Although of course I support George Grant.

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  17. Jamal · April 25, 2015

    The erratic mish-mash above doesn’t make sense, as many commentators have argued. Naz Shah and Mensch are the ones smearing and spreading trite.

    The Labour Party in Bradford have a proud history but need to up their game. It seems like many Bradfordians doesn’t know who their candidate in Bradford West Naz Shah truly is, the lies she’s been telling, and the dodgy deeds she’s been up to.

    Voters don’t seem to be aware of the ‘mishaps’ that have happened in the Bradford West constituency, as have been detailed at [edited – moderator]] . I’m not sure why Ms Mensch is so obsessive about censoring every comment that she disagrees with and can’t address the facts on this website. This is not Nazi Germany for God’s sake.

    Good write-up nonetheless. I always enjoy reading Unfashionista 🙂

  18. The above is misleading spin in support of Naz Shah. The actual facts about Naz Shah, with full sources, are published on this web site at [edited – moderator] that Louise Mensch keeps obsessively and illegally trying to censor. It demonstrates Mensch is tyrannic and censor anybody who disagrees with her.

    Ms Shah’s Attempted Murder, Murder and Fraud Case can be read in full on the internet. FACT: She has [edited – moderator]. I don’t want a 3rd rate candidate who is a closet Respect party supporter (she voted for Galloway just recently and, after she was humiliatingly rejected by Labour, *twice* tried to join Respect).

    She has zero experience in representing the electorate and I don’t she would even pass the citizenship test.

    How could a single mother with 3 young kids in the north EFFECTIVELY be sat in Parliament. Maybe it’s the £70,000 and gold plated pension that is the key driver here…..

  19. Sarah · May 7, 2015

    Why should I vote for a murderer? Ms Shah should not have been released from prison for fraud, attempted fraud and murder. See Regina vs Shah

    Why did Ms Shah commit fraud to steal a house from her landlord?

    She has never worked a day in her life – benefit scrounger – single mum on benefits with multiple kids – her court cases and prison has cost us taxpayers £5million+!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s the feminist brigade that has now resulted in millions of women like her being left on the scrap heap after they stop ovulating at 35 – shame on you guys!

  20. John · May 7, 2015

    *iches and hoes

  21. self publishing · May 13, 2015

    If you, as an author, are clasping a protective hand over your wallet at this point in time, you have a right to be concerned.
    It must convince them that they need what your book offers.
    Only you’ve been at it for six months, and no luck.

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