Corbyn And Why Labour Lose

Credit to Twitter legend @jamin2G for this tweet, which prompted a revelation:


Labour sure know how to pick ’em..

Labour leaders


It’s just a funny montage of Labour’s most recent leaders from the left of the party, looking rough. And yes, we Tories have had plenty of that, with Hague’s baseball cap and so forth.

But boy do they look unelectable.

And in fact, they were unelectable.

The missing leader is Tony Blair – and I now realize he was an aberration. My twenties gave me a false impression that we were in a competitive two-party system. We really aren’t. The only time Labour won in modern times, they were represented by a centrist who could, easily enough, have been a Clarke-ite in Cameron’s Conservative party.

But Labour don’t really believe in the center. They believe in left. And they keep losing. Because they are wrong. The country is mildly centre-right. It doesn’t like very right and it doesn’t like left or very left. It can deal with centre-left.

Corbyn’s policies are simply evil, and I don’t mean to demean decent politicians like Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown or Neil Kinnock by putting them in a bracket with an extremist like Corbyn. But nevertheless, all of these people were unelectable. Labour will be wiped out under Corbyn, but if I am honest, they would lose under Cooper, too (the strongest candidate) if not by quite such a landslide.

But sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees in politics. Conservative politics are just right, and Labour policies are wrong. They mean well, and all that, but they are wrong. The country knows they are wrong. It won’t vote for socialism. Margaret slew that dragon for all time in 1979. We will never have a socialist government ever again.

Labour don’t win elections. Callaghan, Attlee, Wilson – red splashes in the blue sea. Basically, it’s been a steady diet of varying shades of blue since World War II finished. Since Ramsay McDonald and before Tony Blair, I count 24 Labour years and 44 Tory ones. Almost a 2-1 margin. Add in Blair’s victories and Labour had 13 more years because of him; almost 30% of their total time in power.

And they hate him. They want to go back to ideological purity and losing elections, their natural order. It’s like the Tea Party who think the answer to Obama is to double down on Palin.

Blair was indeed Tory-lite; it’s why I joined Labour in 1996. I left again in 1997 because the rest of his party wasn’t.

Social democrats are better off either splitting from Labour and founding a non-sexist and racist LibDem-type party (practice, not principles – few women, no ethnic minority MPs) or joining the Conservatives and trying to move us left.

Britain is centre-right and Labour can’t win because Labour are wrong*.


Louise Mensch aged 44 1/4

*I mean it though

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